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© 2016 Star Jewelers All Rights Reserved Worldwide

*Star Jewelers can repair your Jewelry on-site, in  most cases While You Wait.

We are experts in all types of Jewelry Repair. Rest assured with peace of mind that we will treat your precious heirlooms, as well as you treat them yourself. In almost every case, we will make that repair while you wait. From new prongs on your ring, to almost anything you can imagine. All repairs never leave our business and are not sent out by mail.

*We Buy Gold Jewelry -Highest Prices Paid in Town

*Watch Repair and Battery Replacements

* Custom Made Jewelry is our Specialty. We Design and Manufacture our own Jewelry, Selling Direct to You. We can set your Diamonds or Precious Stones.

   We can even use your old gold by melting it down to create a Special (one of a kind) Jewelry Creation for you. (Recast your gold) A service that very few jewelers offer.

Many of our customers inherit jewelry, that is "not quite their style"; but the creation of a new custom piece, makes that piece "live on" with you! The gold and gemstones will hold their value. Enjoy it your way!

* Superior High Quality Diamonds, at Low Prices, Close to Wholesale!

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*Appraisals Verbal and Written.

*We offer and repair Silver Jewelry, Beads, and Pearls as well. Let us restring your old pearls, bring them in for a free estimate.