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A very important part of Diamonds is their Shape, Shape is not the same as the Diamond Cut, and so we will discuss Shape first. Look at the Illustrations below this will help you to pick a Diamond Shape.

  1. Diamond Color
  2. Diamond Clarity
  3. Diamond Cut
  4. Diamond Carat Weight


The " 4C's" of Diamonds


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How To Select and Purchase a Diamond


  The selection and purchase of a Diamond can be quite "nerve racking". Educated with the knowledge of the "4C's", a buyer must find his or her "perfect Diamond." Each Diamond is somewhat like a fingerprint, meaning "that there are no two identical Diamonds". Real Diamonds occur naturally in nature. The balance of all of the "4C's", is what you want, vs what you can afford. Each buyer must make this choice, and no choice is incorrect. Some people prefer a larger diamond with more flaws, others lean toward a smaller diamond, with fewer flaws. Diamonds without flaws are extremely expensive, and are very rare.